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Scout Sailing Experience

8-20 June 2021

Pleasant 7kn broad reach from Chichester to Ocean Village, Southampton on Friday.

Sat & Sun yo-yoing Beavers, Cubs, Scouts & Explorers out to Southampton Water for a quick sail. Motored all the way back to Chichester with a head wind on Sunday evening.

Moored up at 23:00, in bed by 01:30! Long but fun weekend.


Solo Sail

22 May 2021

No crew today so decided to go out on my own.

Departed 10:30. Winds forecast to be F4, but this equated to anything from F0 to F5 in the heavy rain showers.

Lumpy exit over the bar with occasional breaking waves (2.5-4.5m depth shown)

Tacked up the Solent towards the Forts, then made my way home again for 17:30

24 miles.


Submarine Barrier

7 October 2018

Angela, Marley & me had an easy trip out at HW with both lock gates open. Took a while against the tide but it was a nice sunny day. NE wind made for an easy passage out to the small ship passage in the barrier, then back for LW at 16:00. Discovered 0.7m is not quite enough water to get back on (a slow slide through the mud in the channel) so had to wait for it to go up a bit! Even a RIB turned back!


Nab Tower

29 Sept 2018

Robin, John, Fleur & myself had a good sail out around the Nab Tower. Left Chichester at LW. Nice sunny day with good F3-4 breeze from the SE again. Back by 17:00.

bembridge sept.jpg


01 Sept 2018

Robin, Claire, Alison & myself had a good sail to Bembridge. Left Chichester at LW and squeezed out with just 1m depth. Nice sunny day with good F3-4 breeze from the SE (not as per forecast!). Ali's first trip out so gentle sail back via No Mans Land Fort after checking out Bembridge Harbour. Back by 17:00.



Marina (home)

26 Aug 2018

Slow & gentle start downwind gradually getting quicker once we cleared the eastern end of the Island

F2-4 gusting 6 W-WNW 18C


Swanwick (Hamble)

25 Aug 2018

Quick sail downwind (up to 6.5 kts) with just a reefed genoa up!

The marina is catering for bigger & bigger boats & squeezing all the little sailors out...

F4-5 gusting 6 W-WNW 18C



24 Aug 2018

Pleasant stop at the marina although it was a long walk back to the shore!

F3-4 W-WSW 20C


Needles IoW


23 Aug 2018

Nice sail out to the needles then back to Lymington for the night.

F3-4 W/WSW 20C


Yarmouth IoW

(River Yar)

22 Aug 2018

Busy night at Yarmouth with boats rafted 3 deep. Luckily we were against the pontoon so Marley could get off!

F2-4 W-WSW 22C


Newport IoW

(River Medina)

20-21 Aug 2018

Stayed 2 nights. Conference "landed" so gently we never noticed!

F2-4 W-WSW 23C

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