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Artists' books are books made or conceived by artists. Many artists' books are self published, or are produced by small presses usually in limited editions.

For my books I use my own prints and incorporate text and extracts from poems, found text, articles and books or I create my own text.  They are all hand-bound and hand made by me using various methods of bindings.  The themes for each book are varied. My early books were inspired by reading The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin combining extracts from his sermon- like text with lino cuts of birds and textures created from collagraphs. Many of my books are in specialist library collections at Tate Britain, Oxford Brookes and Bath Spa Universities as well as private collections in North America and Italy.

Recently I have been making a number of concertina books , all original and unique. Many are for sale direct from me-please email if you wish to purchase them


When I find a piece of text I like,  it stays in my mind to mull over, and then, hopefully I will eventually produce a book.

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