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February 25, 2016


7 enthusiastic attendees at the lino cutting/ card making workshop held on Tuesday 23rd February.

We had a lovely range of prints made from cutting lino and printing by hand onto coloured card. The images ranged from a centurions head, poppies, oak leaves, flowers, sheep and a wren. I think it was a very successful afternoon and was a good introduction to printing using lino and without a press.

February 10, 2016

As we are coming up to Valentine's Day I thought that the most recent book I have just read at Chawton House Library would be very appropriate. It is called "A Lover's Week" by Mary Hearne. It details the seduction and elopement of Amaryllis and Philander. This has inspired another book idea, so watch out for this one at my end of residency exhibition.


January 21, 2016


Our second week of book making is going well. We have made a variety of books from a simple stitched pamphlet book, two types of concertina books and a long stitched book. The photos show the group in the process of making a long stitched book. Next week we will be making a more traditional stitched book using linen tape or ribbon and a kettle stitch.



January 8, 2016

I have now cut 4 very small lino cuts to illustrate my first Chapbook of poems taken from The Adventures of a Pin Cushion by Mary Ann Kilner. The linocuts are approximately 90mm x 50mm.

I intend to make a set of Chapbooks with stories and poems taken from all the books I have read on my residency. How's that for a challenge, especially when the linocuts take a few hours to produce.


December 22, 2015

I have been researching Chapbooks. These were small, cheap booklets illustrated with crude woodcuts of redactions of single works. They were offered for a penny and could be 4,8,12,16,24 pages. Their size of 3.5"x6" was determined by  folding a single sheet of paper into a quatro. The woodcuts would not necessarily illustrate the text, but just to fill a page when the text ran out. Samuel Pepys had a collection of Chapbooks, they were referred to as small merriments and small Godliness. I have also found that they were referred to as Penny Compliments and Penny Witticisms.

Finding amusing stories wi...

November 9, 2015



The adventures of a 7s piece. By Ann Mary Hamilton  1811


So far I have counted over 120 characters in this book, it is split into 2 volumes but the books are not huge, about 20mm deep. I am currently reading through these books for a second time, extracting text to put with a character taken from current celebrity magazines and gossipy tabloid newspapers. My interpretation of this book will be a mammoth project but I do have an idea of the final piece which may culminate in an installation. I am very excited about the outcome , but still lots of cutting out, scanning and placing text extracts fro...

October 20, 2015


The pincushion is "laid in a drawer with other treasures and a poem from Dick to his sister."

This is one of thirty eight places the pincushion is mentioned throughout the book. So my task is to photograph my version of the pincushion in all the places mentioned in the book. I have so far taken 13 photographs, some  around Chawton House Library and some in other locations. These will hopefully form a small book.

My research into "The Adventures of a 7 shilling piece " is taking over my life and "The Adventures of a Rupee" is in hot persuit. Lots of ideas for both and I need to start making some work...

September 26, 2015

I have now read The Adventures of a Pincushion by Dorothy Kilner (also known as Mary Pelham), or maybe the author was Mary Ann Kilner  1781 and The Adventures of a Watch by an anonymous author 1788. So you can probably see the current route my investigations are going.

I am currently reading The Adventures of a seven shilling piece by A. Hamilton 1811. And have the following two books on my desk at Chawton House Library- The Adventures of a Rupee by Helenus Scott 1781 and The Adventures of a Black Coat 1760.

My head is buzzing with ideas, having started on an idea from reading The Adventures of a Pin...

September 14, 2015



I am now at Chawton House Library reading through the 15,000 books of which some are 1st and rare editions of books written by female writers dating from 1600 to 1830.

My first book I read was published in 1750 called "A Female Soldier Or, The Surprising Life and Adventures of Hannah Snell. Who went by the name of James Gray and nicknamed by her shipmates Miss Molly Gray due to her not having a rough beard as they had.

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September 5, 2016

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